Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year - onwards and upwards - motorcycles for life

Call me a miserable bastard but I hate this time of year. Grey skies, flu and colds, tax returns, my birthday just round the corner on the 2nd January and I ain't getting any younger. But it's not all that bad. I'll be having a few glasses of Chablis and cooking our favourite nosh - fish and seafood - for the wife this evening, and thinking of the year gone by, and 2011 to come.

2010 was the year I started a magazine, and I could never foresee how many brilliant people I've met either in person or virtually this year, just through publishing the magazine, or via this blog and the many others out there. And the response has been fantastic - I'm so happy to have got past Issue One - so thanks to everyone out there who bought a copy, and I hope you liked it.

2011 will be more of the same. I've been beavering away on Issue Three - yeah it's a bit delayed but like the slow train, it'll be along soon. More on what's in it soon. I'll be at more events this year so come and say hello if you happen to be there. More bikes from Italy, more bikes built by people with vision and talent and more stuff on motors from Italy.

Have a fantastic 2011 from all at ITALIAN MOTOR magazine. Motorcycles for life.


Alfred said...

Happy 2011. Hope it brings lots of interesting things.

matt machine said...

you too virtual mates across the globe are thankful for your work and effort and look forward to more from you and italian motor mag...happy new year you miserable bastard.

Stuka said...

Like Matt said,it's been a pleasure to virtually meet ya and be a part of keeping a good mag going..lets face it the mainstream mags have lost the plot...and it's up to guys like you and yer bro and all the other indy mags to keep the spirit alive..!! HAPPY NEW YEAR ADAM..KEEP THE FAITH MATE WE NEED YA..!!! Ya miserable bastard ;)

Paulo said...

Hey Happy New Year! Keep the mag coming 'cause it's a hell of a brilliant job!
By the way, happy birthday. :-D

adam@italianmotor said...

Thanks chaps one and all, may you all enjoy a fabulous and thrill-packed 2011!!