Wednesday, 20 June 2012


I've been over in Sardinia with my family and Italian in-laws for a while for some rest and relaxation. In case you weren't sure, Sardinia is the large island below Corsica, to the west of the Italian coast, and of course, though it's part of Italy, it has its own unique culture. Motorbike-wise, not much to see - a few Swiss on bloated new Harleys. The vehicle of choice here for the working man is Piaggio's ubiquitous 3 wheel Vespa-based truck, the Apino (or little bee). It fits into the tiny streets you find here perfectly. I can't stop taking photos of them as every one is different.

Here are a few random photos from where we are, near Villasimius, on the south coast. The local brew, Ichnusa, is worth drinking too, especially after a hard day on the beach in 35 degree temperatures..

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Shed Sorted

It's taken me ages with the small amount of time available and little help, but I've been enjoying the benefits of my new shed/unit the last few weeks as it's more or less done (in fact these were taken a while ago, and I've sorted out some of my spares since then).

 Decent light, square walls and floors that you can also sweep properly, space, storage, and best of all, a separate area at the back where I can store my bikes well away from any other work I might be doing. This area is also independently secveured with a massive door and stud wall, so my bikes are also safe. I also had the blokes who do fabrication a few units up (handy that) make me up a steel door for the entrance, and it's bolted on the inside of the simple wooden door that faces the world. I bought a cheap but loud radio/iPod dock with sub woofer, so can now shut myself away in peace with my favourite tunes (currently a Swedish band called Hellsongs) and get on with working on bikes. Bliss.