Thursday, 16 December 2010

Big Red Book

The only big red book I ever knew about was the one clutched by Eamonn Andrews on 'This is Your Life', until for some reason the magazine was invited to attend the launch of 'Ferrari Opus' this Friday in Regent Street. Three days notice isn't enough for me and Friday between 7-8.30pm is the only time all week I manage to get a couple of pints in and speak to real people face to face, so I'll be in my local.

Anyway if you have space for, let alone the strength to lift a book that "weighs an impressive 37kg and runs to 852 pages, each measuring half a metre square and personally signed by iconic Ferrari legends, The Official Ferrari Opus is available from in three limited editions, including the special Enzo edition (400 copies worldwide) which is offered with a specially commissioned stand by world-famous interior designers Candy & Candy." 

"Prices start from £2,000".......

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