Friday, 22 April 2016

Long overdue update - Issue 8 just about done

Wow, hadn't realised that we hadn't posted for such a long time on this blog, so many apologies if you've come along and expected to see some updates. Issue 8 is finally just about done, and it's taken a long time for many reasons, but sorry for such a long wait. It's just tough trying to a magazine and earn a living at the same time. One feature will be about the individual Ducati Scramblers that we enjoyed some months ago, see pic above.

As we posted some months ago, our Facebook page is the place to go for updates. This blog format is old fashioned and tedious to use, whereas Facebook is quick to use. We'r ehoping to build a new website too soon with a decent blog page incorporated. Our FB page is at:

More updates here soon.