Thursday, 9 December 2010

1928 Guzzi Two Valve head racer

Stunning machine, and yes I got to ride it, lots. Up on Bike Exif currently and in Issue Four of the magazine sometime in spring..


Carl said...

Fantastic action shot! This is why your mag is great.

adam@italianmotor said...

Carl - I really appreciate your comment because it's not simple to get decent action shots despite some people thinking that it is, but I think it's important to show that the bike is being ridden and tested by whoever is writing about it - how the hell can you comment otherwise? Some mags make me laugh because they don't ride what they're talking about (I know, I've worked for a few).

This isn't a particularly great shot because of the background, but decent action photography needs skill, technical ability and financial investment in the correct lenses and fast FPS camera. Marco took this, he's a guy I met in Italy, and he's done a few shoots with me, he did the great Gilera Saturno shots in Issue Two of the mag. Of course, snappers need paying too but there's no other way as far as we are concerned at ITALIAN MOTOR!!