Saturday, 10 November 2012

New old stock surprise for the Guzzi 750

I've owned my 1975 Guzzi S3 750 for about 22 years by now, and when I first had it, it was my only and everyday transport when I lived in North London. I used to leave it parked out on the road, uncovered, unlocked and it didn't bother me. Now, since the value of it has gone up, I keep it locked away, but I'm still a bit concerned if I leave it somewhere unattended that someone is going to nick one of the sidepanels. Not that the side panels are particularly rare, but the badges on them are, seeing as they only built 950 bikes.

I was very surprised then to see these NOS side panel badges for an S3 appear on Italian Ebay last week - I haven't seen spare ones since I bought the bike, and they could never be got from the usual Guzzi spares sellers, her or in Italy. I was even more amazed that my solitary bid at less than 20 quid won them. One of those purchases that is pointless yet pleasing at the same time - NOS stuff is always enjoyable to get in your hands.


Anonymous said...

well done you,have you finished with the flash drive yet?
Alan H.

ITALIAN MOTOR magazine said...

Slipped my mind - on the way back to you tomorrow...