Tuesday, 27 November 2012

More from Cannes

Ahh, sunshine. Had forgotten what it looked like

Out on the tiles with Daniele and Alberto from Anima Guzzista. I was already knackered by midnight, and felt a bit underdressed in plaid shirt and boots for the ritzy nightspot they started to queue up for, so I slinked off to bed

Big, big 100mm-plus piston from the California

We ate lunch in a quayside restaurant in St Tropez, having ridden the bikes there. Only on picking up my helmet from the floor where I'd put it did I realise the floor was covered in sand. Wacky!

I've never been to a place so dripping in money but with so little subtlety. I had a walk around as the sun was out on Friday evening, and looked in a shop window at a pair of trousers - only 3,500 euros to you sir! The hotel had a permanent line of Ferraris, Porsches and Hummers parked outside. 

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Lou said...

Hey Adam, some of the very best roads ever around there. Where did they take you? I know that area well having lived there for around 20 years. Lucky b...