Monday, 19 November 2012

Borranis are back!

Now, I don't know if Borrani alloy rims for classic Italian bikes even ever went away , but I remember enquiring about them over 20 years ago while I lived in Italy, and was told they only made car wheels.
Judging by the eye-watering prices of decent used Borranis on Ebay, it seems they did disappear for some time.

Anyway, now it seems they're back with Borranis for bikes. We were sent these very nice photos from their press office, so here they are. There don't seem to be any details yet on their very nice website at: but we'll keep an eye on what will be offered, and more importantly, how much. Mmm, maybe a nice new set on the Le Mans 2 special?


TimS said...

'Cannot believe I let a pair go on a Greeves hillclimb special a few years ago - they must've been the most valuable part of the bike!

Anonymous said...

Damn! So that big pile of Greenframe rims i have under the stairs as my pension is a waste of time then? Will have to rely on the stack of original Cont' wait, there making those again as well! Never mind, back to working untill i'm 80 again!

ITALIAN MOTOR magazine said...

Just flog em all as 'original' or 'vintage', you should be ok. I have a feeling the 'new' Borranis will not be cheap. But I guess you get what you pay for..