Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The only way to learn

In my late teens and early 20s I had no money - nothing's changed there - so I had to work on my bikes and old cars myself as I couldn't afford to pay anyone. With judicious use of my dad's garage when he was away, I'd get my bike stripped down, using a motley selection of tools. In this photo, taken I'd say in 1990, I've pulled the top end of my old black V50 down and it's spread around the garage floor. I can't even remember why or what the issue was. I rode that V50 to Holland, France and back and it gave me no problems. My mates called it the Tiger Moth because it sounded like one at full chat on the motorway.
I sold it on for a 500 quid profit once I found my S3 not long after. Anyway, I learned so much by doing it myself, and ended up working in motorcycle workshops with the knowledge gained. Do it yourself!!


Broadbandylegs said...

You're right. I still remember and use skills my Dad taught me when I was 17, working on an old T100.

Learning in this way probably also helps in developing good problem solving skills which stand you in good stead for the rest of your life.

The Guzzi's particularly good to work on with its engine layout - all you do is pull up a stool, sit down and get on with it!

Guy@GK said...

Nice to see 29 Normandy's garage again! See you this weekend bro.

Imola Nick said...

You're so right, most people I know did the same, I remember helping a mate change the head Hewlett on his GPz750 turbo when we must've been in our late teens, how it ran afterwards I still have no idea!

Imola Nick said...

Aaaaaaaaaargh! So much for 'Smart phones', that should read head GASKET!!!!! Aaaaaaargh!

ITALIAN MOTOR magazine said...

Ha ha - I was thinking 'Hewlett - is that like a Heron head' or something but didn't get as far as to Google it. Sadly, comments can't be edited so your Hewlett head will live on in glory forever! BTW have done your CD of Imola pics so will post to you after Christmas.