Friday, 2 December 2011

More ITALIAN MOTOR on Bike Exif

It's great getting our feature bikes up on Bike Exif, which if you don't know, is the motorcycle site which features a different classy motorcycle every other day, and reaches tens of thousands of people. More importantly, it means more publicity for the mag, which in turn means more sales, and therefore more chance of the mag being able to continue in the face of perma-economic global depression.

It's also flattering on a creative/personal level because Chris (who runs Bike Exif) doesn't really accept any old bike, or photos, as his stipulation is that the photography must also be of a high standard. One of the main aims of starting the magazine was photograph Italian motors and present them as well as possible with the gear available at our disposal within our budget (i.e. no, we don't own a top of the range Canon EOS-1D X though it'd be nice..), and the fact that we've had a fair few feature bikes on Bike Exif means we must be doing something right.

Nick's beautiful Baines Imola was up there last week, and got a very positive reaction.
Check it out here:

Here's a couple more shots that didn't make it into the mag. Still one of the most enjoyable Italian bikes I've ridden.


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ITALIAN MOTOR magazine said...

Clever link man - sadly there's no room for me to carry umbrellas on a it's all day light plus flash (which I try to avoid 'cos not really too sure how it works.)

Major Iswater. said...

There's that S-bend again!