Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Minarelli motor - but which bike?

Marcelo from Brazil sent me a photo of one of his bikes. He says: 

"Hello, I´m from Brazil and would like to kindly ask you help to identify the brand and model of one motorcycle I have here. The engine has a "Motori Minarelli" plate  .
I really appreciate if you can take a look on the pictures and let me know any information.

Thank you and best regards,

Anyone got any ideas? I haven't - Minarelli motors were used in so many bikes..


ed said...

Bianchi ?

ITALIAN MOTOR magazine said...

Any idea of a possible model? Looks like it could be fun to ride though..

Major Iswater. said...

Looks a lot bigger that a 50.

Drive from the right side of the motor too. Not seen that before on a Minarelli.