Friday, 25 November 2011


I went to friend's funeral yesterday. He died young and was one of those people who I admire because he was just a nice bloke to everyone, and did a lot for other people. It was a strikingly English funeral at a beautiful medieval church - so packed (unsurprisingly) that speakers relayed the service to the people standing outside. The graveyard is up on a ridge and overlooks beautiful unspoilt English countryside, so Chris was buried in this magnificent setting in the old fashion, under a sunny winter sky and a cold wind.

Then we all retired to our local village pub afterwards. It has recently been bought by the locals to be run as a free house, and Chris was instrumental in this. And there on the bar when we all piled in was a beer pump handle bearing the words 'Triffic', which was Chris's favourite expression. And it's been decided that this new and lovely, nutty ale, brewed just up the road and named in honour of Chris, will be kept on pump as tribute.

And I for one shall be downing pints of it regularly, starting this evening, in tribute to Chris.

Cheers Chris! Triffic!

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