Thursday, 3 November 2011

Simple pleasures

John W (he builder of Guzzi cafe' racer, Issue Two) sent me an email the other day.

I'm sure he won't mind me reproducing it as it shows that our passion is important. It also shows you don't need CNC machines and TIG welders to make good-looking stuff for your bike, just curiosity and desire (ok, so a jigsaw helps too..). I wish I could find the time too to make stuff like this.

"Hello Adam,

I cannot believe how pleased I am with myself after the few hours I have actually spent doing something useful for a change...........see attachment. I even felt the need to make a point of showing it to the missus knowing full well it really would be of no interest.

The headlamp bracket has been broken for at least a couple of years on my black Guzzi Roadster, but hidden behind a Mk 1 Le Mans fairing it has been held together with cable ties. Now that the cafe' racer is off the road the Roadster has been put back in use. I will be fitting a new headlamp glass/reflector and have already removed the fairing to allow access. My thoughts are to leave the fairing off (when originally built this was how it was) so something had to be done with the bracket. Yes, I have had all summer to do it, but sometimes I need a kick up the backside.....

I know it's not perfect,but I don't think it's bad and I am really chuffed to bits that I have actually just got round to doing something that I have put off for so long. SIMPLE PLEASURES !!!

I hope all is good at your end?



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