Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Finger Lickin' Good

Spent a very pleasant sunny Sunday shooting Cutter's Ducati Monster special, which has finally emerged from the Chicken Shack shed. Based round a well past it '96 Ducati Monster 900, the bike is a cracker; stripped down, fast, essential and full of well thought-out details and lovingly fabricated handmade parts that give it an individuality that you can't buy in a bike shop.

Cutter's been riding for 30 years but this is also his first bike build, and as always we at the mag love and encourage the fact it was done in a shed at the bottom of the garden - in Cutter's case, the Chicken Shack. What a result! Read his blog here and learn more. Thanks too to Graham and Barry.

Full feature in the next issue of ITALIAN MOTOR magazine.


Snyder said...

Awesome bike and super nice bloke! Top notch!

Cutter said...

Thanks Snyder!

Adam, Snyder is building a fantastic special intended to mate the best frame and running gear components with a lightweight modern air-cooled DS motor. I think you should take a look as it seems a perfect candidate for a future edition. See here for project blog:

BarGaribaldi said...

wuuuuaoo, il monster e sempre bello

Anonymous said...

Magnificent machine.
But of or result the saddle, here is my e-mail ( )

ITALIAN MOTOR magazine said...

Sorry mate, didn't catch that?