Monday, 21 November 2011

Roaring Rumi

There are many incredible Italian motorcycles and manufacturers, but one of the most fascinating and fabulous has to be Rumi. Donnino Rumi was an artistic, extravagant yet painfully shy Salvador Dali-type character who joined his father's metal foundry Fonderie Officine Rumi.

By 1949, the Rumi Turismo 125 was the result of high art meeting molten metal and this is it - incredible, especially considering these were gloomy post-war years in a country heavily bombed and torn apart by political differences.

Add a fruity two-stroke parallel twin motor, and you have a motorcycle that looked, performed and sounded like no other in 1950. They also won races so weren't just for show. Like a bright star, Rumi appeared, burned brightly, and by 1962 disappeared. No wonder they're rare now.

We'll be featuring a Rumi or two in a future issue of the magazine.


Carl said...

I'm pretty familiar with those... ;-) Mine needs a bit of welding since it's last outing but is my favorite bike ever.
Need any info for your article let me know!

Steven Salemi said...


Major Iswater. said...

Now that is a work of art!

Would look good hanging on any wall.