Monday, 31 January 2011

A few more once in a lifetimes

Sorry if you're not into music and bands and stuff (though part of the reason I do the mag is because of what came before) but here's a few more we did; supporting legendary US punk band the Circle Jerks at Irving Plaza, NYC, on the bill at equally legendary CBGB on the Bowery, NYC along with early Henry Rollins (Black Flag), Stiff Little Fingers, who had great songs like Suspect Device, Gotta Get Away, at the Academy, The Cult at Brixton Academy (I'll never forget my little Marshall head and cab being dwarfed by Billy's stage-length wall of Marshall 4 x 12s), and Stiff Little Fingers, also at The Academy. I seemed to spend a lot of time in Brixton Academy..


jiggerypokery said...

Adam,What a great memory/experience to have had!!

Anonymous said...

I just liked seeing The Bats up there. greta NZ band and still going!

adam@italianmotor said...

We met a couple of the guys from the Bats, we were all laughing at the fact that wehn we'd order a sub from a sandwich shop on the Lower East Side where we were staying (sleeping on a friend of a friend's roof..), the Noo York guys would say to us, "hey great accent, where you from, Australia??", though we were from North London, so dunno where they thought the guys form The Bats were from..