Sunday, 9 January 2011

Hang on Saint Christopher

I can't wait for the spring now, I'm just sick of winter over here - and this fantastic short film on YouTube makes me want to get out and thrash the bollocks off my '70s Guzzi 750 so badly - and the music is by Tom Waits which make it even better. Check it out.


jiggerypokery said...

Adam, Enjoyed the clip and the road looks great.Tony and I went across the top of West Virginia but had to use the highway route as we were making up time for our 4 day delay.It's one of my regrets as I would have loved to have used some back roads in the area. Having said that even the main route we used was scenic,especially when it's all such a novelty. You are right Spring can't get here soon enough, but even today looked promising but I have been in the garage hopefully sorting the Convert out. Cheers John

pete morcombe said...

Guzzis , twisty roads and the MAN - Tom Waits . what could be better ?

Anonymous said...

I met those guys in the North Carolina Mountains.

They'd Just smoked a couple of AirHeads.

Like it was nothing.

ITALIAN MOTOR magazine said...

They ride well, obviously know their bikes inside out..