Tuesday, 1 February 2011

T(h)ANK(s) JOHN!!

After looking around for about two and a half years, I finally have a fuel tank for my Mk2 Le Mans project bike, thanks to a good deal from John W, whose lovely Guzzi cafe' racer was in Issue Two.

It's alloy, and was made by John Williams at The Tank Shop (but without the wait) so it's top quality. I just need to get to it with some paint stripper to get those awful '80s Guzzi logos off it, as well as the paint. I would have ideally preferred to have a Monza type cap rather than a flush filler, but at this point I'm not bothered, I've been looking for something good at a fair price for so long so this tank'll look great on the bike, especially with the finish I have planned for it...

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