Friday, 26 July 2013

MOTONERO Moto Guzzi 950 special - for sale!!

It's lucky that we went and shot and road tested John W's latest Moto Guzzi special down in Bristol a few weeks ago for the mag, as he's put it up for sale, and it won't hang around long. Based around a 950 Spada motor, with ported heads and 36mm Dell'Orto pumpers, John has added his hand crafted touch to the bike, so it's a one off. It looks brutal, and rides beautifully - it's very fast - and handles smoothly. We'll have a full article in the mag soon, possibly in Issue 6 which will be finished soon.

We still think that John is building the best Moto Guzzi cafè racers in the UK, and he's not part of the current scene that has decided that Moto Guzzis are now 'fashionable' - he's been quietly building them for years. Wish we had the cash. For the full spec, check the link below..

MOTONERO Moto Guzzi Cafè Racer 950 for sale: HERE

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Kraut said...

I wish... I've been halfheartedly looking for a Guzzi project over the last 4 years or so and over here even basket cases are expensive. Maybe one day, this bike is definitely inspiring