Monday, 29 July 2013

Scrambling for the best seats

I remember when I lived in Pisa in 1992, there was an old Ducati Scrambler that had been abandoned in an alley near a café I used to frequent (I have a photo of it somewhere), and I always admired its purposeful looks. Nowadays, like anything older with Ducati written on the tank, they are expensive and sought after.

But it looks like the Ducati Scrambler is coming back in name at least, though sadly not as a single cylinder - now that WOULD be fantastic. MCN this week published a photo that purports to be a likeness of a new Ducati Scrambler model based around a Monster-type frame and motor - and despite us asking Ducati if they had any other pictures and us being told that 'are we joking, it's just a Photoshop job?!' - you can expect to see the new Ducati Scrambler at this year's Milan EICMA show. Of course Guzzi already stole a march on Ducati with their Scrambler prototype a couple of years back, and Triumph have been producing them for a while now.

Mr Borile of Borile Motorcycles has been producing a modern Scrambler tribute for a while now (see pic above), and we feature our friend Alan Cathacart's test of it in the next Issue 6, coming soon...


William said...

You may be interested..
When I last looked, last week, there were 2 bevel Scramblers on the "Car and Classic" website.. the Ducati page.
Have a shufty, they may still be there. I thought them NOT expensive for bevel singles.
Here [UK} people want bevels with clip-ons, generally. I think bevel Scramblers are in the wrong place in the UK.
As you know it's only in very recent years that the GS thing has taken off in the UK, whereas in Europe it's always been around.

David said...

Remember that Morini have been producing a Scrambler with a 1200 twin engine for several years now, I can't see that the Ducati one is such a brave departure, it smacks more of sensible use of existing components to broaden the range, after all you just need a pair of Renthals.159totalec

ITALIAN MOTOR magazine said...

WF, yes nice bikes for sale but they are still in the several thousands, too much for me. Maybe I am too stuck in a past when Italian motorcycles were less desired or 'fashionable', and hence less pricy. yes David, the Morini Scrambler is a nice bike, but are Morini still producing them/ We have been in touch with Morini several times but they seem shy about telling us what is happening at the company - unless of course you want to buy one of their bikes online, unseen.