Friday, 20 January 2012


Someone sent me a YouTube link to some videos that show motorcyclists and cars negotiating some nice looking bends in I think California somewhere. I just couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the standard, or lack of it, of the riding skills of these people. How did they get a licence? If only we had a nice, sunny, dry set of bends like that over here! Obviously this set of bends is famous as it seems like people stand vulture-like waiting for an off.

As a biker I don't particularly condone videos of people crashing, but they're all low speed offs, but you watch wondering 'how did that happen?', while trying hard not to laugh. Check it out, and some of the others on his channel. Some of the car driving is just unbelievably bad..


pushrodmofo said...

Well, the issue here in the States is that driving is basically a Right and not a Privilege; there is no national standard of testing, and what skills you have to demonstrate to get your mcy endorsment varies from state to state. Additionally, there's no L plates required nor CC / HP limits for new riders. So you can get your license on a 125 to easily pass the test and then go buy yourself a Hayabusa.

Anonymous said...

These are taken on a fairly infamous road in California. Its near a major city, so there is an endless supply of new riders every weekend. Young/New Riders + Group Ride Peer Pressure + 1st time in that Corner = Lots of crashes.

ITALIAN MOTOR magazine said...

Thanks guys for the insights. Never realised it's still so easy in the States to get your licence. used to be like that here but they really tightened things up, for the better I guess.

Andrew Gray said...

In California the motorcycle 'test' consists of negotiating a set of cones in the DMV parking lot and a multiple choice written test.

The car 'test' is much the same. You drive around for a few minutes with the tester at your side. No freeway driving at all.

The level of driving skill here is shockingly low.

The film was shot near the Rock Store near Los Angeles.