Saturday, 28 January 2012

California Lovin'

After doing some spannering for Adam on his bike last week, I managed to grab an hour or two yesterday to work on my bike, after finally completing my tiresome tax return. I last rode my '76 T3 California through the mud and wet last September, and it's been left like that ever since. The fork stanchions are getting more rust and pitted, so I'm going to fit some gaiters to hide them (from the MOT man), even though there's no leaks from the fork seals, as the damage isn't really in that area.

Poor bike - covered in dust and crap, unwashed, unloved, paint peeling and with a couple of leaks that need attention. I'm not really a polisher, but I think I'll give it a really good clean. I managed to score a front crashbar in almost new condition for it on Ebay, so I'll fit that, once I can get hold of the right bolts and spacers. I managed to strip the front end down, with alll kinds of filthy water and oild coming from the fork legs. I'll refurbish the forks, check the calipers, and fit a new front tyre. I might even clean the front wheel (Borrani), seeing how much they seem to sell for nowadays. I think I might leave the screen off this time round. Anyway, good to get back into the bikes again...

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