Monday, 7 February 2011

Tornado S2

The Benelli 650S, known as the Tornado, is a fine, strong Italian twin, and much fun to ride. There was also a sporty S2 version, with hump seat and plexiglass handlebar fairing. Motociclismo published a photo in May 1973 of an S2 with this striking paintjob, though I've never seen one like it in the flesh - maybe it was a promotional one-off. We'll be including a test of a 650S in a future issue of the mag.


Miles said...

They were deffinitely more than a on-off, a Benelli agent in the town where I lived as a teenager (Nelson,New Zealand)sold three or four of the S2 model, all with a black and silver paint job in the same scheme as this one. Several years later a friend baught one used.

adam@italianmotor said...

Hi Miles, thanks for the info, I had seen in the past the black and silver ones, and they're also very handsome, but never this black/yellow/red combo which is particularly striking. Any of those S2s still up and running down in NZ?

Miles said...

Hi Adam, I've seen two come up for sale in the last couple of years. One was semi original and running, the other a non-runner and quite rugged. It's a long time since I've seen one on the road.
I'm looking forward to your test, I remember them as being beautifully made and horrible to ride so it'll be interesting to read your opinion.

Anonymous said...

ciao lontani amici sono Max di Roma Italia,sono un felice possessore di questa moto,come quella della foto,è del '73 ed ha 13.000 km è come nuova!per me è una moto bellissima esteticamente con tutti i difetti propri per le moto di quegli anni,100% fascino italiano;se vi va vi mando una foto,un saluto

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,
Just to add to the Blog on the benelli 650.
Back in the late 70:s I owned a very rare example.
It was a Motobi(not benelli)650s2 Nuova. I painted it in Neptune blue(A ford colour of the time)and black with a thin gold pinstripe seperating the two colours.
With a bit of fettling to the dellorto carbs and changes to the final gearing this we beauty was timed at 126MPH.
I think pretty dame good for a pushrod OHV parralel twin, considering a Suzuki GS1000 was good for 135MPH.
This bike went up for sale in trade-me a few years ago somewhere in the North Island. It had minor changes to the paint work but looked as though it had done very little mileage since I sold it back then. Oh yes it still had the original continental front tyre on it.

Nick bishop

Melbourne Australia.

John maillard said...


Just bought a one owner runner, from a deceased estate.
44 k on the clock, is this high for the year. Is a black and silver nz ? Will post video if you want.
this is my first Italian bike, previous British owner so keen to compare.
Regards john maillard