Saturday, 24 July 2010

Tuscany, Italy, in June

I go to Italy often. I was over there in June for a few weeks. When I tell people I'm going out there, they say "ooh, lucky you, all that sunshine, have a lovely holiday!"

Well, this time round I was working, and while the weather in the UK was sunny and 25 degrees, Tuscany looked and felt more like a bleak, cold and wet Scottish mountain in February. Goes to show that they don't have all the best weather in the Mediterranean.


Neil said...

You went on the wrong 2 weeks, we had scorching weather in early June around Volterra/Firenze area!! Ok it got wet when we went North to Lake Como (it lashed it down the day we went to Mandello del Lario to take the Breva home)but who cares..... It's Italy!!

adam@italianmotor said...

Neil - I'm only moaning because until about 10 years ago the weather in June used to be so stable, you could predict that it'd be sunny and dry and plan accordingly. My father-in-law would always plan his boat trips for that month, leaving from Livorno. Problem for me is that lashing down rain is no good if I'm trying to test/ride/photograph bikes for the mag..anyway, stil had enough dry days to do so, luckily!!