Thursday, 5 June 2014

Ferrari Dino garage find - how does this stuff disappear for so long?

We don't often feature cars on the blog, but this 'garage find' and rusty as hell 1973 Ferrari 246GT Dino struck a chord, mainly because I'm pretty sure my brother and I shared a Matchbox model of one of these when we were kids (or was it a Marcos?). Anyway, who wouldn't want to open up a garage unused for years and find one of these inside?

Here's more info from Silverstone Auctions, who recently sold this Ferrari for a staggering £132,250.

"Presented from a deceased estate, Silverstone Auctions are pleased to offer a truly unique chance to acquire a garage find 1973 Ferrari Dino that has been hidden away since 1975.
This RHD two-owner car is showing a believed genuine mileage of 13,932. Finished in the rare Verdi Pino colour (with rust brown details) with optional headlight covers and with contrasting Tan interior. Delivered new to Kirkcaldy, the first owner kept the car for just one year before selling it to the current deceased owner in 1974.
He was a well-known Motorcycle racer, who used to drive like he was racing on a track everywhere he went. Allegedly, the story of how the car became forgotten was that he was driving home in the Ferrari at his usual breakneck pace when the police caught up with him, well tried to at least.... He outran the police, raced straight home, parked it in the garage and feared using the car for some time. In the mean time he purchased a new car and soon the Dino was forgotten.
It stood in the garage for a further 39 years until it saw the daylight once again. As you have probably expected, the idea of finding a low owner, low mileage rare optioned Ferrari Dino with an interesting story of being untouched for the last 39 years is, unfortunately, too good to be true. A leaky garage roof has meant the car has suffered from a severe case of what some may call water staining whilst others would say its simply rotten as a pear. Whatever choice words you used to describe the car, as you can see from the images it is in need of a total restoration."

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