Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Ducati Scrambler - it's official (finally...)




Well, we had an idea a year ago as well as earlier this year (despite official denials) that the Scrambler name was going to be used again for a Ducati motorcycle, and now it's official. Ducati have released a 'teaser' video in anticipation we would assume of a launch at the EICMA show this year, and the bike going on sale next year.

With the media seemingly aimed at a young/hipster/trendy/surfing(?)market, the Scrambler will probably sell pretty well, though don't know where a shot of someone standing half-naked in jogging pants comes into it. Their PR stuff says "Ducati decided to give its Bologna factory employees a surprise treat as they arrived for work on Monday, 9 June, with a private viewing of the prototype Scrambler. Setting a characteristic ambience for the new model, workers arrived to discover music and a beach atmosphere with surfboards, street food and a big yellow container in which they were able view the new model undercover."

Anyway, it's quite exciting after all this preamble to it being announced officially, hope we get a chance to test it, and we'll let you know what it's actually like to ride, and not just how cool it might look.

See what the original single cylinder Ducati Scrambler looked like - we tested one a couple of years back, and will feature the test in the magazine soon: Ducati Scrambler.

Moto Guzzi - are you watching?

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pushrodmofo said...

I'm pretty interested in seeing what they do - I was worried they were moving to an all water cooled lineup so it's nice to see them keeping the air-cooled around (if rumors are right).

Another prediction I've read is that they'll be aiming for the lower priced market to compete with the V7, 883, etc., which would be nice, althought it will mean cheaper components.

But the big Qs in my mind - will it use the trellis frame and will it have real scrambler suspension (i.e. taller, but not dirt-bike-esque)? I'd love to see a light(er)weight nimble Scrambler that is true to the name and not merely a Monster with a new tank and exhaust.

Time will tell. Hopefully Ducati will be giving you a look-see!