Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Virtually tour that museum! (If you like Ducatis..)

Ducati tell us that you can now take a virtual tour of the fantastic museum at Borgo Panigale, after somehow squeezing the Google camera car up the stairs and round the tight corners and rooms. Ideal if you live nowhere near Italy and haven't managed to get there in person:

Sadly, and in grand Guzzi style, the Moto Guzzi museum has no such technologically advanced possibilities, and even the Guzzi website has only a simple page with one photo. Go there on Google maps street view and you'll arrive outside the faded and firmly-shut red gates on a glorious day, with only the ominous shadow of the ubiquitous Google camera car for company:

The Morbidelli Museum, in Pesaro, can only be arrived at via Google maps outside its entrance, ignoring its bland industrial estate surroundings:
On the museum web page, there is what they call a virtual tour, but it's really a set of photos. The museum is very much worth visiting if you can.

The MV Agusta museum too has no virtual tour on the museum website at: It's worth going to, but in truth, there are more helicopter than motorcycle displays. Check out the entrance on Google maps here:

Then, also in Pesaro, the MotoClub Benelli have put together their own collection of Benellis, though latest news is that it is shut due to lack of money. The entrance is hard to find, pointed out by a tiny white sign, off a busy road - Via Mameli 22, Pesaro:
But there's no virtual tour, so there are some great photos of what's inside here:

If you're a Benelli fan, you can contribute to getting the museum back up and open, and the collection secured:


Oldtimerworkshop said...

The book "Museo Ducati" by Chris Jonnum & Peter Harholdt gives you a good taste of the real thing too.

Another virtual tour for the list: Lambretta Museum in Milan

ITALIAN MOTOR magazine said...
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ITALIAN MOTOR magazine said...

Thanks mate. That's relatively new isn't it? There's also the Piaggio/Gilera museum of course:

Oldtimerworkshop said...

I didn't get there unfortunately and not sure how old, just stumbled across it on the hunt for an un-restored Lammie. As good as the virtual tours are the 'holy %$&!' moments you have standing next to something you have only seen in old photographs makes the trip worthwhile.