Friday, 21 February 2014

More rumour milling about Moto Guzzi from DueRuote

I love keeping an eye out on those cheeky lads in the Italian motorcycle press to see what 'their' spies' and 'trusted contacts' come up with next. Anyway, they're physically and geographically a 1,000 miles closer than I am to what is going on Italy, so there's no reason to always be cynical and disbelieving about what their Italian ears hear while pressed resolutely to the motherland's terra firma.

What's great about DueRuote in particular is that they know a picture always speaks a thousand words, so they get busy by Photoshopping together a visual representation of the hearsay they come across.

Their latest is their idea of what they reckon Moto Guzzi will be presenting at EICMA this year - a1380cc Le Mans. DueRuote say it will be a sort of 'street fighter', and will use the famous Le Mans model name, and will utilise a water-cooled version of the big motor used in last year's California.

Apparently, this bike will have 140CV at its disposition, and will also employ the Terblanche-designed horizontally laid monoshock as seen at EICMA 2009. All very much in line with what we reported on last year here:

Anyway, it's all good clean fun, and no doubt, some kind of 1340cc powered sports/streetfighter Moto Guzzi will appear in one form or another in the next year. If it doesn't, we'll eat our fish and chip paper..

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Carl said...

What is the rear shock doing on the swing arm?! So the shock itself is unsprung weight?