Monday, 11 November 2013

EICMA - best of show - Ducati 1200S - you like?

So the new Ducati 1200S has been voted by 10,000 EICMA show participants as being the 'most beautiful bike of the show', closely followed by the MV Agusta 800 Turismo Veloce. Seems like EICMA this year has served up few surprises or novelties - Moto Guzzi in particular have only really changed the paint schemes of their current modles - but what do you think of the Monster 1200S?

Beautiful best of show, or a monster?

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pushrodmofo said...

I like it, but not enough to buy one. "Most beautiful"? I don't know... I can't say why but I do like it over the Monsters from the last few years. Maybe it's the water cooling saying "function over form", and 1200cc vs 695 (or whatever the last models were)? I'll bet it's fun, but for now I'll keep my 850T.