Thursday, 28 November 2013

'71 Moto Guzzi Stornello 160 Scrambler finished - and for sale

I finally got around to finishing the Moto Guzzi Stornello special whose rebuild will be coming up in Issue 6 of the magazine, and it's for sale too.

This is single cylinder four stroke 1971 160cc Stornello had been brought in from Italy and was a seized and ugly ex village traffic warden bike. A year later, it's a fully road legal one-off Guzzi, and and ready to go - it's registered with a V5 in my name, with an age related plate (1971), has a new year's MOT certificate, and has historic vehicle tax (i.e. zero). It has an alloy black and white plate, not yet fitted when these pics were taken. This bike has been recommissioned and rebuilt as a special, based on the Guzzi Stornello Scrambler, which were also used with success in the ISDT. The decals were made especially for the bike, which I decided looked better in bare metal than police blue. It hasn't been restored and has patina dripping off it - if you want shiny and something to polish, please look elsewhere! The Stornello is a robust and simple bike, and fun to ride. I used one for riding round London some years back, and currently own another three Stornello Scramblers (I love 'em..)

I have a long list of parts replaced and work carried out (and all photographed and documented), but it's had: a top end rebuild, brand new piston and rings (took me a few months to find one in Italy), rebore, new seals, gaskets, new fuel taps, new knobbly tyres, new inner tubes, front brake shoes relined, forks checked and oil changed, all the rims checked, spokes loosened off, tightened, checked, new battery, wiring checked and repaired, new bulbs, new brake light switch, beautiful alloy one-off silencer made by Chris at Silverback Manufacturing, rare Stornello parts that I scoured for in Italy (exhaust pipe, Stornello competition headlamp guard, very rare and unrestored Stornello single police seat), and some one-off brackets and a bash plate. There are an indicated 39,000km (24,000 miles) on the clock which works, as does the rev counter, so that's an average 42 miles a year since it was built! I also have all the manuals on PDF you'd ever need, though they're in Italian.

Here's a YouTube video of it cold starting and running: Stornello 160 Scrambler

This bike and its rebuild will also be featured in the next issue of ITALIAN MOTOR magazine.

I've got loads of photos so if you want to know more, or any more details, please get in touch. No timewasters or tyrekickers please.

Looking for £2500. Email to: or contact me here at the blog.


Kraut said...

If it wasn't so expensive to ship over, I'd have 3 buyers of this already

ITALIAN MOTOR magazine said...

Well I'm also open to offers, and can get a quote for shipping too if it helps?

Kraut said...

Just passed that info to the interested parties, will let you know what they think.