Friday, 27 September 2013

Shocking stuff

Hagons, a proud British company with fantastic origins, what with Alf Hagon being the scourge of speedway, grass and sprint tracks from the 1950s onwards, have sent us a set of their twin shocks to test out on the Guzzi 750. The Guzzi has worn Koni (now called Ikons I believe) shocks ever since I've owned the bike and over 20 years or more have always done what is required of them, whether it's just me, two-up, scraching, touring and crashing too, but I have always wondered what something different may feel like. A revelation maybe? Or a disappointment? I've heard from other Guzzi owners that know what they're talking about that Hagons are a vast improvement over the Konis.

The Hagons shocks feel quality, and they look very much like the S3's originals with black body and chrome spring. There's a 3 postition pre-load adjustment and 10 position damping too, probably too much for my purposes, but it'll be interesting to see what the possibilities are.

Anyway, I'll fit them, and we'll report back, and there'll be a review on our product page in the mag in Issue 6 soon. Hagons Shocks can be found here:


Carl said...

Hey, I just got a pair of these in the mail yesterday for my Mondial 175! I'll send you my coments ofr a sidebar if you want.

ITALIAN MOTOR magazine said...

Hi Carl, yes I'd be interested in a comparison and fitted to a smaller bike. I fitted mint the other day and did a few miles, already a big improvement, but is that just because they're new? I have to do more miles and have more of a fiddle with the adjustments yet.

Carl said...

Mine are simple units available for about $200 / pair here in the USA. Only adjustment is 3 preload settings. Not much travel available. Did a short test ride today and was OK. Will test further and write something up!