Friday, 6 September 2013

Rumba Chillen

I've managed to sort out my 'office' so that I can actually get to my vinyl collection AND my turntable at the same time for the first time in years, and I've had so much pleasure from just delving into records (round and black with grooves in) that I've collected since I was a teenager, scratches, jumps and all.

One of my favourites is this collection released by Charly/Sun Records, called 'Rumble Chillen', with all the artists produced by the legendary Sam Phillips, and for which I paid a then princely £5.99 for sometime back in the 1980s - but it's aged well - would a download last as long?

 It's full of finger-tapping, foot-stomping rockabilly/blues tracks that sound so fresh again, and if you're a guitarist like me, the huge variety of guitar sounds, styles and sounds mixed up with hypnotic, almost primitive rhythms, is amazing. I was never a hardcore rockin' geezer like my brother but hung around some of the clubs with him (and a few girls..) enough to really enjoy the music, booze and the style.

Best track is still 'Rhumba Chillen' by Albert Williams, followed closely by 'Terra Mae' by Doctor Ross. And the scratches inflicted on this particular piece of vinyl over many years only make it sound better. Get a copy if you can.

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