Monday, 20 August 2012

Not just Italians

Though my own real passion is for Italian bikes, I do of course like plenty of other types of motorcycles too, and am lucky enough to ride a varied selection for my day job.

This is the oldest motorcycle I've ever swung a leg over - a 1912 Triumph 3.5hp 'free wheel' 500cc model. I had the pleasure of riding it recently and am presently writing up the words. What an experience - you have to re-think everything you knew about riding bikes, though of course the principle is the same. Just learning the levers is a test for the mind.

How about foot-operated advance and retard, no gears, decorative brake, primitive foot clutch on the right that allows you to keep the motor running if you stop, and the requirement to quickly find the ability to find a sweet running spot for the motor with air and fuel levers?

Fantastic. Thanks again Dorian...


matt machine said...

old bikes are the best

ITALIAN MOTOR magazine said...

Matt, I'm in agreement. The 1926 Sunbeam I rode the same day was also a peach