Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Buy now to beat the shameful postal charge rises

Beat the postal charge rise!! From the 30th April, postage prices with our absurdly-run UK postal service Royal Mail are due to go up massively, and I, and I imagine many other small businesses only got the new prices today, they're so bloody disorganised. I even called their main 'customer services' number to query a price, only to be told they (Royal Mail) hadn't been given the new prices yet. WTF??

For example, the cost to post one magazine to say France or Germany will almost DOUBLE, yes DOUBLE!!

So if you've been thinking of buying a mag, or a four issue sub, do it NOW and don't put money into Royal Mail's coffers. Hope the mag doesn't fold because it costs too much to post rather than because it's crap, or no one buys it...

Buy here and I'll get 'em posted out ASAP:


Adriaan said...

I hear you.
I regularly order stuff from the UK and it can take over two weeks to receive a package in Holland.

Ebay stuff from China gets here within a week for a couple of Euros..

ITALIAN MOTOR magazine said...

Doesn't surprise me to hear about China. You just get the feeling here that a small overcrowded island is creaking under the pressure of recession - but when essential public services like the postal service begin to cost almost beyond some people's means - it's almost scary..