Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Apologies for lack of posting, just been busy trying to relocate from one unit to another. Our new HQ has needed a fair amount of work doing on it, including building shelving for all my crap. Good friend and saviour Dorian came over to help on Friday (thanks pal!), and we moved all the stuff that was sitting on the mezzanine in my old shed. This needed to be moved so first, so that I could then reuse the timber and ply in the new place. Over the weekend I've been building the new shelving, but it's bloody hard work on your own, holding stuff into place and so on - it must be nice to be rich so you can pay someone to do this all for you. I'm resting today as my left arm is in pain, so will continue tomorrow. The 1952 Vespa 'faro basso' 125 monocoque shell has come in handy during shelf-making and as somewhere handy to rest one's weary arse - who would have thought?

Though it's hard work now, I can see it'll be great to have a nice place to fiddle with old bikes and listen to some decent tunes.

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