Friday, 10 February 2012

It's snow joke if you wanna ride your bike in Rome

According to the blog, the snow in Rome has prompted the authorities to launch the 'Piano Neve', or, er, the 'Snow Plan' (sounds better in Italian doesn't it). They guarantee the running of main bus and train routes, with buses equipped with chains and special tyres.

But - if you fancied it a bit of a blat round Rome in the snow on your trail bike/scooter/moped/Goldwing what have you, 'cos all two wheeled machine are BANNED from 6am this Friday morning until further notice.

 Now I don't know how our Roman friends cope on two wheels in snow (most likely fine), but when I used to commute through London to the West End day in day out on my trusty Honda Benly CD 200, I used to love a bit of snow to ride in, though I'd usually have one or two laying-downs of the bike in the thicker stuff where no cars had passed. And when I lived in Italy, I'd relish taking the wife's Gilera Trail 50 into the mountains when it snowed.

Anyway, if the authorities here told me that I couldn't ride on two wheels in the snow, I'd ignore them on principle and tell them to stick it up their government CULO. I hope the Roman 'centauri' or bikers, do the same.

Photo from with more pics of Rome in the snow if you like

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