Monday, 25 July 2011

'Til death do us part

There's an inextricable link between death and motorcycles, so it was fitting to shoot Terry's fantastically customised Cagiva Mito in his workplace where he keeps and maintains it. Terry's an undertaker as well a passionate biker, and he built this pimped-up Mito up with no mechanical experience but loads of drive and passion at work with the blessing of his boss, inbetween driving a 20-foot long Jaguar limousine, or putting the last nail in coffins. Undertakers also have a dead funny sense of humour as I found out, as Terry insisted on putting his 'RIP" show plate on the Mito for the shoot. He also sorted out something very comfy for me to lie on the floor while taking shots too as you can see, otherwise I was in grave danger of doing my knees in. And no, those coffins weren't occupied..

Terry's Cagiva Mito is not just show but has plenty of go too, and the boost bottle and race air box fitted give an already-mad stroker much more guts. Big bike performance for small bike money. There's a great story here too of young people getting into bikes and building their own thing - all coming up in a future issue of the mag!

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