Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Alistair Wager is part genius, part mad professor and one more part motorcycle design and techno-visionary but he knows his Ducatis inside out - it was Alistair whom Paul Smart trusted to get his legendary Imola-winning 750 up and running after gathering dust in the Ducati museum for many years (read the 750 Imola track test in Issue Two of the magazine).

Alistair is building new Ducati Supermonos to order, and the magazine has been following one customer's build over the last few months. Designed by Bordi, Domenicali and Terblanche, Ducati built just 67 Supermonos between 1993 and 1995, and though they were on sale for just £16,000 at the time, by now they're desired and collected by people with deep pockets.

Last week I was utterly utterly excited and privileged to ride Alistair's road-going Supermono - single-cylinder Ducati motor giving out 75bhp at the rear wheel and an overall 295lbs/134kg weight of the bike makes for probably the best-handling, most exciting single cylinder motorcycle available new today. It's a race bike for the road, simple as that. I sadly can't afford one but if you want one, ask Alistair here:

See dear reader how just for you (and us) ITALIAN MAGAZINE rides the bikes that others simply dream about? Full article in a future edition of the mag. 'Supermonocalifragilisticexpialidocious' ©IM


pushrodmofo said...

You should include one in every issue of IM!

ITALIAN MOTOR magazine said...

There are some bikes and a car coming up in Issue Four that I could easily dedicate a whole issue to each, so damn good and exciting (to me at least) are they. So may photos of lovely details that'll never be seen.

Cutter said...

Lookin' forward to this issue!!!

ITALIAN MOTOR magazine said...

Though for clarity the Supermono is not in Issue Four, but as above a future issue, more likely Five...which isn't to say Four isn't crammed full of good stuff all the same!!