Saturday, 27 November 2010

Is it a fetish? Part One

It's already a thrill getting bikes featured in the magazine on Chris's Bike Exif website, but then I got an email from Caroline at Vitesse Moto who had seen the mag mentioned on Exif and liked it. "We make boots", she wrote, "would you like to try some?". Well, of course I would, being pretty broke most of the time, and also having a thing for boots, of all kinds (I don't wear shoes). Seeing as currently there's no product review page in the mag, this seemed like an honest offer, and I could offer nothing in return.

They arrived, the ones I had chosen - brown, and more like work boots rather than black motorcycling boots. Beautiful - in fact I put them straight on and wore them out to meet friends in a pub for a drink. They're the kind of boots that I'll chuck on when I don't want to wear full leathers, or to just jump on my ratty old Guzzi California for a ride locally. Thank you Caroline and John, I'll let you know how I get on with them.

Check out Vitesse Moto here

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