Sunday, 17 October 2010

Scootering style - keeping the faith

Driving through our nearest small and sleepy market town last weekend with the family, I spotted loads of scooters lining up, so jumped out to see what was going on - a meeting of some of the local scooter clubs, all out on their last montly run before the winter sets in. I've always liked scooters from afar (and had a few pass through my hands), and scootering style - growing up in the fantastic melting pot of youth culture in the late 70s and early 80s, you always knew someone seriously into scooters, either as part of the Mod revival in those years, or from a scooter boy side of things. I had a mate of a mate who was in the North London club Enfield Shitheads, and I was always impressed by his mix of skinhead style, dedication to Northern Soul, and his love for scooters and rallying. This lot last Sunday are the same, completely into their strong scootering culture. 

One of the blokes said he was in the Tin Soldiers Sccoter Club, check out what they're about here

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