Monday, 11 October 2010

Need a new gaff

I'm trying to get organised and tidy before launching fully into putting together Issue Three and my tiny office (spare bedroom) floor disappearing under various strata of printouts, empty crisp packets, unopened bills and various magazines. This is a small selection of some of my mags I'm trying to get into order. It doesn't really help space-wise if you publish a mag, your brother publishes a mag, your mates publish a mag, you work for other mags, and you get sent the occasional free mag too. My neatly-ordered collection of Motociclismo d'Epoca starts in 1992 when I first lived in Italy, and though not complete, is fantastic - heavy, big and dusty, but a vital reference resource.

My 11 month-old daughter however luxuriates in the wide open spaces of the biggest bedroom in the house...

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Carl said...

I'm darn jealous of that Moto d'Epoca collection!