Monday, 20 April 2015

Issue 7 of ITALIAN MOTOR on its way..

Finally, after various delays and problems, we're pleased and somewhat relieved to say that Issue 7 of the mag is on its way. Should be back from the printers tomorrow, then posted out to all our subscribers in the next few days.

Sorry the blog has been quiet of late, not for lack of material but just been busy trying to get the mag sorted and doing other work to make a living. We hope to soon start a new website and blog which will be much more contemporary and easier to use and interact with, for us, and for you.

Onwards and upwards!!


Oldtimerworkshop said...

Keen to read about the IOM 900SS but I suspect its going to ruin the magic a little about what's on display at Borgo Panigale!

Regards, Dave.

pushrodmofo said...


Greg Prosmushkin said...

I really enjoy these magazines!! Can't wait for the next issue! Keep up the good work!