Saturday, 2 August 2014

Boys will be boys

Earlier this week we got the chance to take advantage of the fantastic weather and spend a day riding and shooting two 1970s Italian 750cc 'superbikes' - my Guzzi 750 S3 along with my friend Dorian's round case Ducati 750 Sport. Both bikes were built in 1975, and it was fascinating to compare them - it'll be a future feature in the magazine.

We couldn't resist having a brief Lafranconi v Conti revfest, before the farmer whose field we had stopped at turned up with his shotgun. Turn up loud and enjoy some heavy sound..


Etz said...

I like the Guzzi sound much better. Deeper, more beastly. My R90/6 is also a '75, and my dunstall replicas sound closer to your Guzzi. The mid-70's were good years for bikes

ITALIAN MOTOR magazine said...

The Ducati definitely sounds more 'refined'. I do like Contis, but like you say, the Guzzi is a bit more beastly.