Sunday, 18 May 2014

Italian Bike Meet - Cassington 2014

Cassington is a small neat village outside Oxford, and is famous (or infamous) for its huge bike meets based around the Red Lion pub on the village green, and yesterday, there was a sort of Italian bike day. The weather was certainly Italian and there was a decent turnout, boosted by the arrival en masse of members of the Ducati Monster owners club whose bikes made up 75% of the stuff there. I went with mate Huw on his Guzzi California, and by the time we left, there were more scooters and other stuff turning up.

There were some interesting other bikes like the Guzzi El Dorado with neat tyre-driven police siren that he activated on the way out, the lovely black Laverda RGS, Dorian's wonderful roundcase Ducati Sport 750, Lois's original Pantah 600, John W of Motonero's Guzzi bronze special, a nice unrestored Cimatti, a couple of Hailwood Reps, an MV Pullman, a lovely Ducati 888, a V7 Sport, couple of nice Morini v-twins and plenty others. 

I dumped my S3 against a tree in frustration at its continuing poor running (dropping down to one cylinder) and took solace in some comfort eating by wolfing down two sausages in buns slathered in mustard and a big glass of cold Coke.

Here are some photos taken on my phone - apologies they're crap, still haven't worked it out yet, and I wasn't in a 'creative' mood, having to face the ride home on one cylinder - thanks Huw for your support!

Italian bike meet - Cassington 2014


D. Etz said...

hey I see half of an Aermacchi ala d'oro!

Think the problem with the Guzzi is a grounding issue?

ITALIAN MOTOR magazine said...

Yeah, sorry I missed the 'Macchi, there's a pic here on John W's blog:

Yes, I think it's an earth/grounding issue, but can't figure out where. Maybe the coil needs a better earth?