Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Non-starter for 10

I carried out my usual post-winter routine the other day when the sun came out and I wanted to ride my 750 for the first time since November. I've really got it down to a tee nowadays after 22 years.

1) Drag bike out.
2) Get dressed in full leathers in anticipation of nice ride.
3) Ignition on, fuel on, press starter switch.
4) Bike doesn't start.
5) Try and jump start bike off 2 litre VW van with massive battery.
6) Still doesn't start. Get angry and sweat more.
7) Give up and put bike away.
8) Get changed again and go home.
9) Take battery with me and leave on trickle charge.
10) Try again this weekend.

Apparently some other people charge their batteries up over winter and also put stuff in the fuel tank too. Maybe I should try this one year but old bad habits die hard...


Broadbandylegs said...

Bike doesn't start as in 'nothing'?
Or turning over and not starting?
Mine did the former and after looking at battery problems and a few other things, it turned out to be the cable connection to the back of the headlamp - worked its way loose with the bars turning side to side. Pushed it back in an it was away. Now all I need is a fix to stop the connector coming loose in the first place!

ITALIAN MOTOR magazine said...

Just the doom-laden sound of the poor starter relay clickin' away as if there was no tomorrow. Battery has been in intensive care all this week so hoping it'll be fit and ready for the weekend. Big discussion on our FB page here:

As for the infamous cable connection in the headlamp - after losing all power in too many fast bends on Italian roads, I ended up drilling a small hole in teh headlamp either side of the connector block, and inserted a cable tie that keeps the main loom side of the connector block firmly where it should be. Sorted! No more scary moments..

Broadbandylegs said...

Cheers - That sounds worth a try - I was about to try a wee grub screw fix. Does an 850T headlight fit an S3 BTW?

Anonymous said...

You gotta love a guzzi eh, I am riding the s3 to work tomorrow, buy a new battery and I will buy you a portion of extremely greasy chips in Brighton next month, man I can't wait!

ITALIAN MOTOR magazine said...

I'm pretty sure the 850T and S3 headlamp are the same one