Thursday, 22 August 2013

CRMC at Donington Park - rare bikes and some, er, dolly birds

We couldn't make it (as usual..), but Dorian went though, helping out his friends with some seriously rare Italian motorcycles and Lois took some pics as usual. Thanks Lois!

Dorian reports, "Wow, what an event this year. Definitely in the top 10 events I have ever been involved with.

Got to play with some seriously good stuff and was so busy I didn't even see any track action.

2 x Cagiva GP 500's 1 x Cagiva GP 125 (one of only 2 ever made and used as a test bed for the 500 cylinder design), 2 x Bianchi 500's, MV 500 Tre, Mondial Biabero. MV 125 Bialbero, Linto, Benelli 'four' ex Paso etc, etc...

Checked and set up the '92 Cagiva 500 for it's first ever ride by Dean. A bit of a steep learning curve but it all went great and both it and Dean put on a great show. The MV 125 Bialbero went amazingly well and could even be heard above all the other bikes out on the track!

Tons of other exotic stuff from other owners. Three Desmosedicis would you believe and of course the Britten which I didn't even get to hear running because I was so busy...ah well. The 'dollies' were actually a good laugh, all in various retro outfits and obviously able to take a joke.

Already been asked by Donnington to attend next year."


William said...

Never mind the bikes..
The girl in yellow is FIT and has a lovely smile.. her colleague in the "circles" dress doesn't however looks so, erm.. accommodating.?

ITALIAN MOTOR magazine said...

I agree WF, the circles girl is a little intimidating looking. I'd be too scared to take her photo, that's for sure.