Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Would you buy a new bike on the internet?

We're not really sure what is happening with Moto Morini nowadays. It seems that they have a reasonably complete lineup of models including the Rebello 1200, Granpasso 1200, Corsaro Veloce and the Scrambler 1200 - the latest version of which is the 'Military Green'. Buying this bike will also get you a good dsicount off their 'Human and Machine components', which means, er, their range of differemt parts and clothing I think. Which is all very well, but not having seen a road test of any of their bikes on offer anywhere, it's hard to judge what is being offered exactly. Are they the same as the old models? Some of the bikes look great, and Morini's interactive website does a good job of promoting the many options that are available. We were in contact with Morini last year in the hope of going down to the factory to see what is happening, but have heard nothing concrete since.

But seriously, unless you're one of those cash-rich collector types that buy up bikes as investments or furniture, would you spend 10,000 euros plus to buy a bike via a website, and also accept that the manufacturer 'reserves the right to make modifications to technical characteristics, equipment and outfits withput prior notice'? Just reading the small print in the general terms of sale makes my eye hurt, much less my brain.

Or maybe buying motorcycles is going the way of buying CDs, books and much else. Click and buy.
We're all for Morini, which is a historic marque, and respect the people that have paid for the name, and put their cash into the business, which despite producing some excellent machines, didn't work the first time a few years ago. But is it a business model that will work long-term?

Anyone out there bought a 'new' Morini? We'd be fascinated to hear from you...

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