Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Kevin Ash

I've just heard that Kevin Ash, motorcycle journalist, has tragically died in an accident on a BMW launch in South Africa. I knew him as a fellow journalist, and had enjoyed his company on several new model launches, especially those for the new Moto Guzzi models - and he had a genuine soft spot for Guzzi. He was an honest, precise and technically excellent motorcycle writer, but also had a great sense of humour too. Being a dad to three girls, he often gave me tips over a glass of wine or two on launch dinners on how to wrangle my toddler daughter, and he always made me laugh.

Our thoughts go out to his family, from everyone involved with the magazine.


MOTONERO said...

Adam,That's sad news. He always seemed to be one of the better bike journalists - good articles with unbiased views. John

ITALIAN MOTOR magazine said...

Yes John, he was honest and said what he thought. He was a very nice bloke, and funny too. I'm still in shock.