Saturday, 22 December 2012

Issue Five out in January - and Happy Christmas!

Finally, Issue Five of the magazine is done, and will be on sale, hopefully, on the 10th of January. 
Yes, it has taken ages, but hey, steady as she goes as we've been navigating the choppy waters of recession, and at least we're still here with more hardcore Italian motors.

More details soon, but it's the usual mix of home-built, brand new, and very old Italian motorcycles, and the car in this issue is a stunna.....keep an eye out here on the blog/Facebook page/website - but in the meantime, Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year and happy and healthy 2013 to all our readers, subscribers, supporters, the brilliant advertisers who have stuck by us (you know who you are), friends, and enemies.

We'll be emailing everyone in the New Year about new subscriptions - use it or lose it!!


Broadbandylegs said...

'Use it or lose it' - absolutely. Bring it on fast please! Looking forward to it...

Cutter said...

Nice one! Happy Chrimbo!

kangamanalan said...

At last, The Italian Motor Mag lives.

Anonymous said...

Salute JAB,
Great news,issue num5 at last.
Have a great xmas.