Sunday, 30 September 2012

Happy Birthday fast lady Lois

A little dickie bird tells me that it's a significant birthday for Lois, so in celebration we've put some pictures of her up. Happy 21st Birthday (again) Lois - from ITALIAN MOTOR magazine.

There can't be many gals around who can jump from mastering a pre- (WW1) war Triumph to racing around on another much more contemporary Triumph, a Street Triple, and can then go from racing MV singles, to thrashing fours, to touring across Europe and beyond on old Italian twins, enjoying old vintage Brits, and most other bikes in between. Being a native of Australia, Lois is one of those people with a strong can-do attitude, and it shows in the way she rides any bike. She also takes a mean photograph, works bloody hard and has to cope with being wife to Dorian too, so she has to have inner strength in spades...

Have a great trip, both of you - and Happy Birthday again Lois!!

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Anonymous said...

Go Girl! We need more women in the classic scene, especialy the Italian classic scene. Great shots.